Schoellhorn Albrecht

Schoellhorn-Albrecht Donates Chocks to Assist in Restoration of USS SLATER 

The Schoellhorn-Albrecht Company in St. Louis, manufacturers of chocks and deck fittings, generously responded with an offer to donate six chocks to complete the repair project of the USS SLATER. The chock problem on a sixty-eight-year-old ship is that original chocks were hollow and open at either end. Thus, over the years, salt water incursion caused serious deterioration inside the chock, as well as annoying rust streaking down the hull. In one instance when we were moving the ship, a tugboat's polypropylene line actually tore through a chock and broke. Up to now the solution had been to try and repair the chocks, replacing the bases with sections cut from 8" diameter pipe and doubling up the weak spots, a very labor intensive and time consuming process for the volunteers. Complete replacement of the six most critical chocks will insure the ability to move the ship safely. 

During World War II, 563 Destroyer Escorts battled Nazi U-boats on the North Atlantic protecting convoys of men and material. In the Pacific they stood in line to defend naval task forces from Japanese submarines and Kamikaze air attacks. Today, only one of these ships remains afloat in the United States, the USS SLATER. 

Moored on the Hudson River in Albany, New York, the USS SLATER has undergone an extensive restoration that has returned the ship to her former glory.  

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