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Schoellhorn-Albrecht Builds Bow Loading Ramps and Gangway for North Williamsburg Ferry Landing in New York

Schoellhorn-Albrecht manufactured and delivered two Bow Loading Ramps and one Gangway for New York City's North Williamsburg Ferry Landing.
The North Williamsburg Landing is one of six sites served by the brand new East River Ferry Service.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg inaugurated the service June 13, 2011 boarding the ferry at the North Williamsburg location.

Both products were supplied to Steelways Inc. of Newburgh, NY. Schoellhorn-Albrecht furnished all the design calculations, labor and material to manufacture the aluminum ramps and gangways. Both designs were stamped by a Schoellhorn-Albrecht Professional Engineer registered in New York.
The bow loading ramps and gangways were fabricated at Schoellhorn-Albrecht's St. Louis facility and were made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The ramps are tapered 8 ft. to 5 ft. 7 in. wide by 25 feet long. The bow loading ramps are adjustable and contain winch and cable systems for raising and lowering the platform. In addition to the bow loading ramps Schoellhorn-Albrecht fabricated a truss aluminum gangway measuring 80 foot long by 8 foot wide.
The Gangway and Loading Ramps are still in service today.

News article from 2011 UPDATED 2016

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