Schoellhorn Albrecht

Schoellhorn-Albrecht Included in the Marine News 100

Marine News Top 100 Companies


The Marine News has selected Schoellhorn-Albrecht to be included in their annual top 100 most compelling companies serving the workboat, brown water, inland and coastal markets.

The August 2015 edition of the magazine gives credit to all the companies serving the marine industry currently. From the ship builders to the marine software programmers; Schoellhorn-Albrecht stands among the best of the best with quality, engineering and innovation in everything manufactured. It is a great honor to be included with the important manufacturers of 2015. Schoellhorn-Albrecht has been in this industry for over 125 years and it's good to know that Schoellhorn-Albrecht will change with our customers to make it another 125 years.

Please visit the website or pick up your copy today to check out Schoellhorn-Albrecht and the rest of the companies making a difference in the marine industry.