Schoellhorn Albrecht


Heavy Duty Structural Aluminum Accommodation Ladder with Self-Leveling Feathering Treads. Customized lengths and widths to suit your application. Typical Maximum Inclination of 55°.

Available Options:

  • Schoellhorn-Albrecht Custom Curved Treads
  • Powered or Manual Winch Options
  • Custom Upper & Lower Platforms
  • Dock / Deck Rollers or Casters
  • Custom Coatings on Steel
  • Custom Materials

Beam Style with Curved Treads & Self Stowing SystemFeathering Treads Closed Position (shown, stowed as horizontal)

Feathering Treads Open Position (shown, working as upright)


Beam Style with Curved Treads & Self Stowing System

As Shown:
Deployed Position (Above)
Ladder Detail View (Below)
Feathering, Self Leveling Treads
Pipe Handrails
Hinged Upper Platform
Dock Swivel Casters


Product details and specifications are subject to change without notice. For additional information, drawings and specifications contact us.

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